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Maximize your tan with a choice of our level 2,4 or 5 beds. Customize your look according to your skin tone and desired look. Lay for 12 to 20 minutes and rejuvenate your spirit with some YOU time. Also enjoy a session in our walk in booth for those of you that need a quick get away!

Spray Tans

Dazzle everyone at your next event or special occasion with our Versa Spa Skin Care booth. Available in clear or bronze solutions and light, medium or dark. Organic, vegan & naturally derived formulas personalized just for you!

Hair Care

Our experienced team of talented stylists, specialize in all aspects of hair care. Blowouts, hair cuts, color, texture, waxing, special occasion updos, and extension services are offered. Wedding parties  and 'on location' packages are also available.

We take pride in our exclusive, plant derived hair care system. Let us formulate the perfect regimen for your hair and scalp needs!



Check out our products for all your tanning, hair care, and wellness needs!

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Davine’s us you will love it.
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 Hanai: (definition....more of a practice rather a definition) n or v


Loosely the meaning is to be adopted by a non blood relative. In Hawaii it was a common practice to be hanai'd to childless friends of their family. Today most people use it as a way to refer to friends that are considered family.....

Our elopement to Hawaii in November 2018 led to the us naming our family friendly salon Hanai. It is very special to be hanai'd and a treasure we wanted to bring back from our experience in Hawaii.

                       Hanai...Where friends are family!


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