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  • Instacure Anti-Breakage Porosity Spray
  • Instacure Anti-Breakage Porosity Spray

Instacure Anti-Breakage Porosity Spray


Infused with liquid protein + B5, fills in porosity and visibly reduces split ends, while conditions over-porous hair, smooths cuticle, controls static and frizz

  • Anti-Breakage Porosity Spray, Infused with B5 and Liquid Protein, nourishes hair and helps repair strength to reduce breakage in dry, brittle, and damaged hair. 60% Less Breakage when using Instacure Porosity Spray. Our light-weight formula:

    Vegan Formula
    Smooths cuticle damage
    Controls static and frizz
    Conditions over-porous hair
    Works on sensitive and vulnerable hair to balance pH
    Our Anti-Breakage system of shampoo, conditioner and spray fills porosity and boosts elasticity, creating an even and balanced surface. Pro Tip: Can be applied to overly porous lengths prior to a perm or color service to help reduce uptake of the active chemicals.

    Not recommended for color treated or permed hair when used as a system. Anti-breakage conditioner and spray only are safe for color treated and permed hair.
    Can be replaced once per week with So Silver or Brass Off per desired end result
    You can alternate between Instacure formulas and other Matrix haircare products depending on your need
    Does not contain bonding ingredient

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